Tax Advisory Services
Tax Advisory Services

We offer professional advice to our clients in all areas of taxation.

We can rely on the experience and expertise of PKF’s international network of offices with high-qualified tax professionals to give the best tax advice in cross-border transactions tailored to both local requirements and individual business needs.

Our tax advisers keep our clients regularly updated about tax matters with newsletters that explain both recent changes in local tax laws and any official interpretations.

Our services:

  • Due diligences
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax advisory services in ad hoc and/or retainer agreements
  • VAT compliance
  • International VAT services
  • Services connected to international labour

Due diligences

As part of pre-acquisition reviews, we carry out a tax due diligence of the target company to help minimize the risks of any hidden tax exposures for the investor. However, it is similarly important for management and the shareholders to gain comfort from time to time that their business runs without hidden tax exposures in the normal course of business. Thus, our tax audit services are designed to prepare our clients for potential official tax audits.

Our due diligences include

  • Full scope tax reviews covering past years
  • Limited scope tax reviews
  • Tax audit/preparation for tax authority audits
  • Analysing the tax aspects of individual transactions

Tax advisory services in ad hoc and/or retainer agreements

Tax issues that need urgent solutions occur constantly during the normal course of business, which might be a burden in addition to the everyday tasks of the finance or accounting departments. Through ad hoc or retainer agreements our experienced colleagues can provide quick and effective solutions to these issues, thus improving the taxation control and decreasing the tax risks.

VAT compliance

Most of the tax authority audits in Hungary are aimed at VAT, and audits resulting in tax authority findings are also mostly connected to VAT. Therefore decreasing the tax risks of VAT is exceptionally important for companies conducting business activities in Hungary. This is nowadays almost impossible without a comprehensive knowledge of the judgements of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

International VAT services

Our international VAT services are covering mostly (but not exclusively) the following areas:

  • Determination of the place of supply of international transactions, determination of registration obligation in Hungary and abroad
  • Full support and administration throughout the registration process for our clients who are required to be registered for VAT purposes in Hungary
  • Support with the foreign VAT refunds of our domestic clients

Internationally Mobile Employees

Today, working in a foreign country by a multinational company’s employees is an everyday occurrence. In their case, defining the tax residency and the country of their social security contribution liability is necessary. Beyond these examinations, our colleagues would be happy to assist through the registration process, and also in preparing the necessary tax returns and we are able to represent the individuals in tax issues as well.

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