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2023. 06. 24.

The day of the termination of the Hungarian-US Double Tax Treaty is just around the corner

As discussed in our previous tax newsletter, the United States have sent an official notification to Hungary last summer in which the United States made it […]
2023. 04. 24.

Extended Producer Responsibility legislation

The Government Decree 80/2023 (III. 14.) (hereinafter EPR Decree), which sets out the detailed rules for the operation of the extended producer responsibility system, was published […]
2023. 04. 11.

VAT digitalization – What are the expected changes?

In our previous newsletter we have introduced the reader to the key measures of the “VAT in the Digital Age” Council proposal. Now we will be […]
2023. 03. 19.

There is something new under the Sun: the eReceipt is coming

Professional consultation has been started on the introduction of paperless receipt, coordinated by the Hungarian Tax Authority. The new system, which is in sight, will replace […]
2023. 02. 06.

Features of the new VAT in The Digital Age proposal

The European Commission submitted the long-awaited VAT in The Digital Age proposal package on 8 December 2022. Once it is adopted by the Council, it will […]
2022. 12. 17.

Supplementing the corporate tax return with detailed data on related transactions

The Ministry of Finance released the draft amendment to the decree on the registration of arm’s length price determination for social consultation. The draft contains two […]
2022. 12. 14.

Agreement is reached in relation to the adoption of the EU Directive on Global Minimum Tax

On 12 December 2022, the EU Member States have reached a unanimous agreement to implement the Directive on the global minimum taxation and advised the European […]
2022. 12. 02.

All you need to know about the 2023 Tax Package

In this newsletter, we would like to inform you about the most significant tax law amendments of the 2023 Tax Package published on 23 November. Personal […]
2022. 10. 12.

Corporate income tax and local business tax can be paid in foreign currency

Following the Government decree 298/2022 on the payment of corporate income tax in foreign currency published in August, taxpayers will also have the option to pay […]
2022. 09. 01.

Not everything changes under the sun…

Most taxpayers may have not anticipated the 2022 summer tax package, nor the two additional measures that have also resulted in changes. However, the most recent […]
2022. 07. 26.

The Hungary-U.S. double tax treaty will be terminated from 2024

The United States gave Notice of Termination to Hungary in relation to the U.S-Hungary double tax treaty. On 8 July 2022, The Government of the United […]
2022. 05. 02.

Will it constitute a fixed establishment for VAT purposes if the sufficient human and technical resources are provided by an affiliate in another Member State?

The judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in case C-333/20. Berlin Chemie A. Menarini is a new milestone in the interpretation of the concept […]