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News, analytics, publications
2021. 03. 31.

Preparing transfer pricing documentation during pandemic

Businesses – which are not qualified as micro or small sized enterprises and have financial year in line with calendar year – are liable to prepare […]
2021. 03. 22.

Economic protection measures of March 2021

Earlier we informed you on a weekly basis about the main tax measures of the economic relief packages regarding the first and second wave of COVID-19. […]
2021. 03. 03.

Spectator sports incentives in corporate income tax regime

Tax incentives regarding the financial support of certain spectator sport organization (ice-hockey, handball, basketball, football, volleyball and water polo), resulting tax savings for taxpayers, are still […]
2021. 02. 15.

Key audit guidelines for 2021 by the Hungarian National Tax and Customs Authority

To secure budget revenues, tax authority will continue to focus on the audit of large and high-importance taxpayers, just as this year the tax authority will pay special attention […]
2021. 01. 29.

Reduced local business tax rate for 2021

In our current newsletter, we would like to highlight the important points of the Government Order No. 639/2020 (further “Order”), by which the tax rate is […]
2020. 12. 14.

Extension of economic protection measures

Earlier we informed you about the main tax measures of the economic relief package regarding the second wave of COVID-19. Under a new government decree the […]
2020. 12. 07.

Changes in tax regulations

In our previous article we already presented the major points of proposed amendments of the autumn tax package submitted for parliamentary approval. The approved, published tax […]
2020. 11. 18.

Economic protection measures in the second wave of coronavirus pandemic

Below we would like to highlight the main tax measures of the economic relief package regarding the second wave of COVID-19 published last week. Tax exemption […]
2020. 11. 04.

Planning of overtime

Earlier we drew your attention to the importance of vacation planning. This article focuses also on planning, regarding overtime, though. The amendment of Labour Code effective […]
2020. 10. 13.

Regulations of vacation planning

After the summer „vacation season” it is due time for the employer to review, how many days off the employees have taken so far, owing to […]
2020. 09. 09.

Regulation changes during the summer

In our previous posts we informed you about the amendments of the tax regulation due to the end of the state of emergency. In our current […]
2020. 09. 04.

Amendments affecting adoptive parents

As of 1st January 2020 the system of financial- and family allowances has amended favourably for parents adopting elder children. The health insurance-related financial allowances are […]