Accounting Consultancy
Accounting Consultancy

Full and up-to-date knowledge of accounting legislation and the proper use of this knowledge in conjunction with taxation are now essential in everyday business life.

Our accounting specialists provide ongoing and case-by-case consultancy regarding legal compliance, drafting and reviewing regulations, and accounting and administrative management of new economic events.

Utilizing our experience accumulated over the past decades, our staff will map the accounting, business and administrative processes, and make recommendations on development, optimization and efficient operation. We provide full support in preparing standard and individual transactions and managing them for accounting and tax law compliance.

Our services

  • Hungarian accounting consultancy
  • Reviewing and developing accounting systems
  • IFRS and USGAAP compliance consultancy
  • Mapping administrative and business processes and related consultancy
  • Preparing and implementing financial closures
  • Billing consulting services and software solutions
  • Assessing the accounting and tax implications of transactions
  • Preparing professional newsletters and customer brochures
  • Consultancy on foreign currency-based accounting
  • Consultancy on restructuring

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