Payroll Accounting
Payroll Accounting

Attention to detail and reliability is extremely important for our company when it comes to payroll services, as we constantly adapt to the changing legal environment. We place great emphasis on the quality of our work and the professional competence and training of our employees. Our portfolio ranges from employers with a handful of employees working under a regular schedule to those employing hundreds under irregular schedules within the context of working time banking.

Our everyday work involves managing typical employment relationships and diverse staff compositions alike, such as contract work and atypical forms of employment. With years of professional experience and solid expertise in matters concerning taxes, labour, payroll and social security administration, our project team will assign to you a dedicated, one-stop account manager, and take care of their replacement in case of a leave of absence to streamline the work process.

Selecting our payroll services will provide you with services including, but not limited to, the following tasks:


  • Recording, registering, and managing personal and employment data required for payroll accounting, using either our own software or the client’s software, as requested
  • Tasks related to the start and termination of the employment and any changes in terms
  • Fulfilling administrative obligations prescribed by law – providing statements with the appropriate data content and keeping records
  • Managing, registering and confirming deductions from net payments to staff, implementing statutory deductions
  • Managing the working time banking, accounting of hours below/above the time bank


  • Administration required by tax laws and regulations (collecting statements, issuing the necessary certificates)
  • Tax-related classification of payments disbursed to staff
  • End-of-year tasks. e.g., preparing annual certifications and assistance in verifying and issuing certificates
  • Assistance in preparing the annual personal income tax returns of the staff
  • Assistance in supplementing, amending and approving draft PIT returns
  • Exploring opportunities to apply employee and employer tax benefits and carrying out the related administrative tasks (checking statements/eligibility conditions, monitoring deadlines)
  • Ensuring availability and competent representation during official inspections

Social security-related

  • Preparing data provisions required for claiming monetary health insurance benefits within the framework of a full-scale social security administration, querying documents required for data submission, and submitting the data to the competent authorities on time (for employers without a disbursement unit)

Operating and administering a social security disbursement unit

  • Full-scale administration related to establishing a social security disbursement unit
  • Providing the personnel and material conditions necessary for its operation
  • Checking eligibility in applying for monetary health insurance benefits, determining the legal title to and the amount of such benefits, fulfilling administrative tasks, passing decisions
  • Direct contact with inactive individuals receiving benefits (incapacitated workers/expectant mothers)
  • Providing personalized information on the use of benefits
  • Assisting in official government inspections, monitoring inspection rounds

Reports/Data provision

  • Data provision to clients (preparing statements and summaries according to client needs)
  • Data provision to other providers, e.g., to accountants or auditors (payroll posting, data reconciliation)
  • Data provision to the official bodies on dedicated forms with the content required by law:
    • to the tax authority (monthly/annual/quarterly/one-off returns and notifications)
    • to the social security institution (settlement of benefits, statistical reports of health insurance)
    • to the Central Statistical Office (“KSH”): preparing and uploading KSH reports from the data provision log to the KSH-ELEKTRA system
  • Information on wages, benefits, reimbursements, taxes, social security contributions and other contributions payable on personnel disbursements
  • Creating a reference file for transferring wages, benefits, reimbursements, taxes, and contributions
  • Preparing a general ledger posting file for accounting of personnel disbursements, benefits, and reimbursements
  • Fulfilling notification and administrative obligations prescribed by law at the start and termination of employment or in case of a change in terms

Other payroll services

  • Providing a SharePoint interface: our web interface used in cooperation with our clients is suitable for sending, receiving and temporarily storing sensitive payroll and personal data in an encrypted manner, taking into account GDPR and ISO requirements.
  • Online payroll accounting: a suitable solution for clients whose payroll accounting data is managed electronically. In such cases, the data required for payroll accounting is provided via our own templates. Once the data is automatically received and processed and payroll accounting is verified, we will generate the required reports and upload them to our portal. This ensures that all information is available online, tailored to the client’s needs, be it payrolls (in a single document for all staff), individual reports, notifications and returns with receipts to the tax authorities, or year-end documents. Access can be restricted if not all users are provided with full upload or download rights. In addition to the above, the necessary sample documents (statements, applications) are uploaded and are always available at our portal.
  • Cafeteria: we support our clients by designing and operating a cafeteria (fringe benefits) system. We will prepare the necessary regulations and documentation, and carry out the required administrative tasks.
  • Deployed payroll accounting: if required, in addition to working in our Budapest office, we will carry out our activities at the location specified by the client.
  • Payroll accounting for selected client units: we also provide payroll accounting for individuals grouped under various selection criteria, e.g., managers or private individuals on a lease. Our reports and data provisions for the selected group can be merged with the data of the other service provider.
  • Auditing: our payroll and/or social security audits are carried out according to a pre-determined audit plan. The report, including comments and suggestions, is presented to the designated persons following the audit.
  • Carrying out tasks related to the social security disbursement unit: in the absence of necessary qualifications or experience, many payroll accountants do not provide social security disbursement unit services. We support our clients by taking over these tasks, including starting up the disbursement unit, managing its tasks, and carrying out regular inspections.
  • Leave registration system: our software manages leaves of absence, allocates and authorizes holidays, performs monthly attendance functions, and uniformly runs on all devices (computers/phones).
  • Providing access to our payroll software: upon request, we provide read-only access or limited editing permission to staff designated by the client to access certain user interfaces and queries.
  • Recording bank transfers: if bank access is granted, we will take care of recording various disbursements, reimbursements, benefits (e.g., SZÉP cards) and taxes and contributions in the banking system.
  • Onsite/online helpdesk/consultancy: assistance in answering work-related questions when contacted by companies or individuals.
  • Providing/supporting HR administration: upon request, we will take part in carrying out HR tasks, drawing up employment contracts, amendments and job descriptions from the client’s templates, and supporting the HR staff in issuing certifications.
  • Preparing automated reports: supporting users of the KULCS-Bér software by automated querying of reports with the unique content and format used. Our developers will prepare the queries, usually recurring each month, from the available data retrieved from the payroll program.

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